Meet and Greet

There are many ways to contact us for more information. We can arrange a convenient time for one of our management team, to come to your house to discuss your requirements and needs. Charly’s angels can be used for a one-off visit, short term or long term. You will be issued with a handbook and angel communication book. The next visit will be from one of our angels for a meet and greet. This is the best opportunity to discuss the days and times that you would like, and also what services you would like carried out. These services can be altered from visit to visit, but it is nice for our Angels to get an idea of which type of services would benefit you.

What is an Angel communication book?

An angel communication book is a way to communicate between yourselves or family members to the Angels. You may find you would like different services carried out on every visit, i.e. check dates on food, or need the plants watered. This is a good and convenient way to write comments in the book. At the start of every visit angels will have a look in the communication book to see if any notes have been left. The Angels may also like to comment back. The notebooks are environmentally friendly and are used with recycled paper.

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