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My name is Charly. The thought process behind setting up ‘Charly’s Angels’, is to help take that extra pressure away from people in their day to day living. I think most of us would like a fairy to come in, and get all the house work done. I am lucky that my little girl loves helping me around the house, which then gives us more time to play.

Having older family relatives can also be worrying, especially when you know they are on their own. Many questions enter your mind, are they eating properly? Are they well enough to go out and get shopping? I try and take time out every week to see my grandparents for lunch and a chat. I am lucky that I have the time to be able to do that. I am aware not all of us have that time, but doesn’t mean we think about them or love them any less. Knowing they have had a friendly visitor can help with this.

Charly’s Angels provides a friendly, professional service for everyone. Our aim is to assist people with day to day living and help make life that little bit easier. Two people are never the same, and that is why we cater for each person individually. We understand that your home is your personal space, and it can be quite over whelming to allow a stranger into your home, and that’s why using Charly’s Angels, you are guaranteed to have one of our caring, understanding professional Angels.

So whether you need a help on a weekly basis to help keep on top of the cleaning, or you would like older relatives to have a regular visitor. You may be recovering from a operation and need Charly's Angels short term to get shopping, or just a one-off spring clean, then please contact us for more details.

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